We Specialise In Putting Together Creative Joint Venture Deals & Finance For Those Deals

What If You Could Get Everything You Want By Helping Other People To Get Everything They Want Too?

Step 1:
Got A Great Property Deal, Product Or Mailing List?

Found a great property deal?  Got a great product? Nurturing a huge mailing list but nothing to sell them? We can show you where to find great financing, products and services.

Step 2:
We Find People With Money Or A List Or Customers

We can help you find property finance or people with mailing lists of customers who are looking for products just like yours.  Ditto if you have a great list and are looking for new products.

Step 3:
We Put The Two Of You Together & Broker A Great Deal For You

We match people up, help both parties make more money and then only get paid a percentage of new income generated!

This Is Just One Of The Joint Venture Events Peter Halm Organises...

We believe that helping other people achieve their goals is a phenomenal way to make a living!

Peter Halm, Joint Venture Supremo, co-founder of Joint Venture Masters.

Dear Friend

If you have a great property deal and you are looking for financing, if you have a great product or service but you need more leads, or if you have a massive mailing list but need great products or services to offer your prospects, I can help.

I started off in sales, then moved into property investment and development and I am still very active in that.  Over the last 10 years or so, opportunity knocked and I also moved into the internet marketing arena to help a friend set up joint ventures for his book and membership site.  I co-founded the Las Vegas Mastermind, which for the last 6 years has brought together over 100 of the biggest names in the personal development space for networking, learning and having fun while relationship building.

Put simply, if you have something great to offer, I can find you the right business partner and help you put an amazing win/win deal together.

Talk to me!

Warm regards

Peter Halm

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