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I'm an old-fashioned people person and I like nothing better than to meet new people and talk.  Do feel free to pick up the phone and call me if you have a deal or you are looking for finance, a mailing list or joint venture partners.

I'm based in the UK, but travel a lot.  Call or text me anytime on 44 (0) 7546 277 858.  My usual office hours are 11am - 7pm GMT.  Maybe later but ideally not earlier!

You can also email me at Peter [at]

But in the meantime, here's a bit of background!  I was born in Brighton, England in 1967, I had a standard education that finished abruptly at around 13.5 years old. For personal reasons I started work at a very early age.

After moving from job to job for six years I ended up in heavy engineering and property development. I must confess I was doing something right as I seemed to climb the proverbial ladders rather fast.

In 1999 after working for a very long 19 years I decided to retire!. Well, take a year or few off work and move to the Canary Islands. My wife and I are qualified divers so that was the plan anyway. What could be better than a few years diving and sun bathing, after all I had been working hard and I was now 32 years old.

We arrived in Lanzarote around the end of July 1999, and six weeks later (mid September) I was selling multi-million pound villas to the very well heeled individuals that graced the office of my newly found business partner. Ok not exactly retired but what the hell, I got bored with laying around all day.

We then left the warm, beautiful, luxurious and peaceful Canary Islands In June 2000 because we missed English food and the seasons. And to be truthful when you love excellent quality Spanish red rioja as much as I do it’s not wise to live somewhere where the wine costs less than water.

Now back in the UK and getting on in years at 33, my wife and I settled in Worthing, West Sussex. This is where I met my business partner and friend Andy Shaw.

At the time I first met Andy he was already a serial business man with multiple businesses and a mind for new Ideas and projects. Leaning on my engineering, process and managerial background I gained employment within one of Andy’s companies.

After working closely with the partners for around 18 months we formulated a property investment company. A few hundred flats, houses and a few blocks of flats later, I left the business to focus on my own projects, I like a bigger deal.   I focused on land acquisition, building conversions, property joint ventures and the birth of my little girl Alena kept me busy until the great global "corruption" as I like to call it.

The market traders sold us and each other garbage, the rating agencies lied about everything, the governments procrastinated to the extent that tens of thousands lost their jobs, homes and the banks took us all to the cleaners. Well that’s just my opinion. Needless to say I don’t have a rose-coloured view of that particular time at all.

Time for a three year trip to Prague.  We moved to Prague in March 2009 where my wife and I decided to regroup for a while. I could write a book on an Englishman living in the CzechRepublic, but not today..

February 2012 we returned home to England, working with Andy Shaw on the personal development phenomenon that is A Bug Free Mind.

I took on particular responsibility for the Fabulous Annual Bug Free Mind Mastermind in Las Vegas where we host a week long party for the biggest affiliates and Joint Venture Managers in the world, particularly those in the personal development industry.

Guests and speakers include Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Jay Shetty, Mind Movies, Marriane Williamson, Marisa Peer, Mike Filsaime, Mike Hill, Andrea Adams Miller, Michael Stevenson (hang on, we are being infiltrated by Mikes!), Captain Lou Edwards, Joe Sugarman, the Umbrella Syndicate and many, many other great people,

It’s becoming totally legendary. If you would like to come along to the next one, just ask me!

And, if you really want to know more about my back story, here's a link to listen to a podcast interview with Nicola Cairncross for her Clicks & Leads Podcast.

About Nicola Cairncross

Nicola Cairncross is Peter's strategic partner in Joint Venture Masters.  She is Peter's secret weapon, bringing in her digital marketing expertise when any of Peter's Joint Venture clients need it.

Nicola is a 23+ year veteran of digital marketing, having set up her first website in 1995 using basic HTML code.  Now, she is an international speaker, a successful business author (and is currently writing her first sci-fi novel), she produces five podcasts, "The Money Gym", one co-hosted with Judith Morgan  “Own It! The Podcast”, a weekly video and audio podcast called Clicks & Leads and Write Club The Podcast too.

She currently divides her time between Shoreham-By-Sea in Sussex and Stoupa, in The Mani, Greece.

Nicola currently owns, a boutique digital marketing agency, she is the owner of a successful training / coaching company “The Money Gym”, she previously co-founded a a house/garage compilations label Esoteric Records, and she created Worthing’s first boutique hotel “The Acacia”.  

Nicola also loves to mentor business owners to transform their businesses to give them more time, more profits and to better support their dreams.  She does that via her Clicks & Leads Academy.

Nicola has been featured in many newspapers and magazines, including Woman & Home (Jan 2007, Duncan Bannatyne’s “The Sharp Edge” (Jan 2007), The Times, The Observer, The Mail On Sunday, The Mirror, The Scotsman, RED Magazine (many times), New Woman, Woman & Home (Aug 2006), Cosmopolitan (Feb 2007 and many other times), Elle, Marie Claire, Essentials, Top Sante, Radio 5 Live and CNN Breakfast News Worldwide.

She attends and speaks regularly at events, both on and offline, on Digital Marketing, Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing & Entrepreneurialism.