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This is still under construction but we've had several people asking if they can promote for us, we've put this page together for you.

We have one product at the moment, the Joint Venture Masters video training course.  The sales page for that is here.  

However, unless you are going to do some warm up (for example, get Pete on a webinar, which can easily be arranged) we would strongly recommend you send people to our home page, encouraging them to opt in for our Free Resources & Training package.  

This sends prospects into our educational email follow up sequence which is full of great value info about Joint Ventures; what they are, how to do them, the different types of JV etc..

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We are paying 100% on the first month's membership fee of $97 and 10% on every month's membership fee paid thereafter.  If the customer decides to pay annually, securing the 30% discount, you still get $97 immediately and 10% each year thereafter.

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* Are you a friendly, outgoing, highly motivated person?

* Do you love networking, going out for coffee, calling people for a chat?

* Are you drawn to business ideas where people get together and really help each other?

More to the point, are you looking for a new opportunity right now?  One that can be started from home, with incredibly low overhead and no fixed ongoing costs.
  In fact, you don't even need a business card!

If so, you might be interested in a new project my friend Peter Halm's been working on...


And it was well worth the time and effort, let me tell you!

Working with Pete over the years has made me some of the biggest chunks of money, for some of the smallest amounts of personal work I’ve ever done.

That is because he matches up people who are looking for a product, with people who have that product and puts the two together in a great deal for both.  

Put simply, this is what a Joint Venture is.  

Both parties make money, we pay the man (or woman) in the middle - the Joint Venture Manager - a little bit each and we all make money from the products or resources we already have.

While Pete was out on holiday in Greece, staying with Nicola Cairncross (who specialises in online branding for experts) they were floating in the sea one day, talking about how people were always asking him how he became a joint venture manager and what the personal qualities were, of a good JV Manager.

Specifically, how you become a Joint Venture Manager who becomes world class, like Pete is, along with the people he knows, who work for some of the most successful companies in the world, online.

They had the idea to get everything he knows about being a Joint Venture Manager out of his head and into a simple little training course.
  And they took action right away.

(There's a clue right there, to how successful people become successful!)

First, Nicola recorded a video where Pete talks about what it’s like to actually BE a JV Manager and what his daily working life is like.

You can watch that video free here.  (They were on the balcony of the house next door to where Nicola lives most of the time).

Then they put together a package of the “Top 3 Resources” they thought aspiring JV Managers would need.

You can download that resources package free here 


Then they created a short email training course, telling you all about what a Joint Venture is, how they work and how to set them up.

You can access that free here

I’m sending this info out to my mailing list first, then Pete & Nicola will open it up on Facebook with an advertising campaign.
  Did I mention that Nicola's a bit of a whiz at Facebook Ads too?

If you join their free community, you get access to:

* Peter's "real world" Business and online Joint Venture Expertise PLUS
* Nicola's Techie Expertise (she put the whole thing together), her branding and Facebook Ads expertise too.

So don’t delay, check this out - there’s really nothing to buy today. 

But they will be launching a limited-numbers only, beta-testing training course at a really deep discount soon.


If you want to access all the free stuff AND know when that training course goes live, just get onto the VIP Notification List by accessing some of the free resources above and we’ll make sure and let you know first.

And... if you would like me to get Peter on a webinar call to go into how to become a world class JV Manager, just hit reply and let me know.

Warm regards


p.s. Here’s the link to check this out again for your convenience