We Buy & Sell Rental Property Portfolios

We are affiliated with a private bank and have access to unlimited funding.  We can buy your rental property portfolio outright or, if you wish to buy, we can offer unrivalled finance solutions and the very best legal support and services.

Tax and ever-increasing government regulations, now make it harder to sell a property portfolio than ever before. It is no longer about how much you make from a sale. It’s about how much you get to keep from a sale.

As an JVM client, we can ensure a smooth, simple and profitable sale without you having to deal with all the usual pitfalls and hazards a sale can present. Our finance team can provide all the necessary services needed to complete the sale for the buyer, as well as the all-important tax planning for the vendor, along with helping with the all important tax requirements.

Ensuring you get to hold onto, as much as possible of your hard-earned profits as possible.

If you are interested in buying or selling a rental property portfolio, find out more by speaking to Peter Halm today!

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